The Witch’s Clinic

Chapter 8: Soliel Abattre

When Midy Cruise got home, it was already more than three oclock in the morning, and he found Taly Cruise nodding in front of the door waiting for him brother

”Little Taly, why don you go up to your bedroom, its cold outside at this hour! Am I stupid? ” – Midy Cruise shook his shoulder and said to his brother.

”Did you just come back? ” – Taly Cruise looked at the watch on her hand, rubbed her eyes and continued: ”Is it already three in the morning? Hows work? Did you separate that childs soul from the womans? ”

”Not yet! The Reaper went there to take the child, but I didn let him do it. ” – Midy Cruise shook his head.

”Is the Reaper already there? ” – Taly Cruise continued: ”Did he say anything? ”

Midy Cruise shook his head and replied: ”He said that if he didn separate that soul from the woman soon, sooner or later she would lose all her vitality and die! ”

”Then why don you take it apart? If something happens to her, the whole responsibility is on you! ” – Taly Cruise heard it and stood up to answer.

”That child is very poor, he has never had the character, was forced to leave this world involuntarily until now, all he wants is only one thing to be able to be with his mother, he had no idea how cruel she ended up with it! That makes it impossible for me to deal with it! ” – Midy Cruise replied.

”It is true that my brother, even though he has been doing this job for the past ten years, still has a very warm heart! ” – Taly Cruise laughed and continued: ”But don hurt one more person because of emotions! Have you forgotten what you went through that time? ”

”Stop! Lets not talk about that year again, okay? Just thinking about that time gives me goosebumps! ” – Midy Cruise replied.

Ottt – Taly Cruises hungry stomach sounded like it was interrupting the conversation.

”Haven you eaten anything since last night and shouted so loudly? ” – Midy Cruise narrowed his eyes at his brother and asked.

”I already ate in the afternoon. ” – Taly Cruise embarrassedly rubbed her stomach.

”Do you know its three oclock in the morning? ” – Midy Cruise cupped her brothers head and continued: ”No, if my parents see this scene, they will scold me that I worry about my brother not properly! Hurry up and come home, Ill cook you something to eat quickly and then go to sleep!

Taly Cruise was dragged into the house by her brother, saying: ”Hey, you
e an adult, you don need me to worry about eating and drinking like in the old days! Let go of me! ”

Fifteen minutes later

”My brothers dish is really number 1! ” – Taly Cruise is eating with her head up and thumbs up with Midy Cruise.

”If its delicious, eat a lot to grow up quickly! ” – After bringing the last dish, Midy Cruise took off her apron and sat down to eat with her brother.

”How far are you preparing for the city conservatory exam? ” – Midy Cruise took a piece of fried egg and put it in Taly Cruises bowl.

”Things are going very well, but I still have to practice more vocals to get the best results in the entrance exam! If they appear in the top 10 in the entrance exam, they will definitely be interested in big entertainment companies! Sometimes they even get invited to auditions! ” – Taly Cruise took a piece of fried egg and put it in her mouth to chew, answered.

”You have such a good voice that you will definitely be in the top 10 in the entrance exam! Don put too much pressure or you will fall ill at that moment, your dream for all these years may be postponed you know? ” – Midy Cruise looked at his brothers bright eyes and understood one thing that this kids dream is very big, no matter how stormy the entertainment world is, it will not be able to extinguish this talent and basic. See who has the qualifications to quell the dream of the only witch left on this earth

”I know that! I will stay healthy, so that I can try to become a famous singer so that I can feed my brother again! ” – Taly Cruise replied with a smile.

”You think I need you to provide for me? ” – Midy Cruise lightly hit him brother on the head and then laughed and continued: ”Because you too talented, you don need this old brother! But if they just need you to take action, You will definitely be at the top 1!

”Of course! Your brother is too perfect to need your help. ” – Midy Cruise put down the bowl of rice after he was full, smiled and rubbed his full stomach.

”If you
e full, hurry up to the changing room and go to sleep, its almost morning if you don look at the clock for a while! – Midy Cruise also finished eating, started to get up and clean up

”Its almost time to open the grocery store, or will you help me! Ive been tired all day anyway, okay? ” – Midy Cruise looked at his brother said.

”No need, just rest! You still have a vocal practice in the morning, don you? ” – Midy Cruise cleaned the table while shaking her head and continued: ”I need to focus on vocal training in the near future, so maybe you need to hire an extra staff!

”I can also continue to help you, no need to hire someone to do it, too expensive! ” – Taly Cruise hastily replied.

”Don worry too much about this. What you need to do right now is to focus on your vocal training! Let me do the rest! ” – Midy Cruise continued: ”For now, just go to the bedroom! Im going to prepare to open the door for today!

Taly Cruise from a young age has always thought in her head that no matter how much money he earns, he will give it all to him brother. Every time he saw his brother have to stay up late and wake up early, he couldn hold back the tears.

”Brother, I will try harder so that you don have to suffer like this! ” – Taly Cruise looked at him brothers back with teary eyes.

”Theres no need to overdo it, I still have enough strength to take care of you. ” – Midy Cruise turned back and smiled

”What are you doing standing there? Hurry up and go to sleep, staying up late will not be good for your voice! ” – Midy Cruise looked at his brother standing motionless, said.

Taly Cruise now loves his brother very much, at this time he wipes his tears, turns his back to the bedroom.

His thinking right now could only try harder. try harder to make his brother have a happier life later.

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