The Witch’s Clinic

Chapter 2: Our first guest.

In a place filled with smoke and fire, the scene before him was extremely chaotic and scary.

”Get ready to fight! The people of the Dark Spell have arrived! ” – A man shouted in the fire.

In a certain house. A child about seven or eight years old was extremely trembling looking at his mother and asked: ”Who are they, mother? ”

”Do these people really want to destroy the witch race today? ” – The woman was holding a child in her arms, her eyes filled with anger said.

”Why would they want to do this to our clan, mother? ” – The childs eyes were wet.

”Little Midy, you have to calm down and listen to me! ” – The woman put her hand on her sons shoulder, trying to calm down.

”Whats the matter, mother? Why don we run away? ” – Midy Cruise tried to hold back the tears and asked weakly.

”We Kanal wizard clan have never been afraid of anything, we weren born just to run away! ” – The woman looked at Midy and smiled.

”But Im scared, Mom! ”

”Im so scared!

”Im so scared! ”

”No! ”

On a beautiful morning, the sun appeared at the end of the sky, when the dew drops were still on the trees.

A young teenager approached the window, reached out and pulled the curtain to let the first rays of sunlight enter the room.

”Bro, get up! ” – Taly Cruise shook the sleeping person on the bed.

”Little Taly, let me sleep a little longer! Its still early! ” – Midy Cruise squinted at the clock on the nightstand, then continued to lie down on the bed with a soft voice.

”Don you remember what day it is today? ” – Taly Cruise pulled the blanket that Midy Cruise was covering his head and asked.

”Today is just a goddamn first Monday, isn it? Leave me alone for a while, I cleaned the shop until late last night! ” – Midy Cruise was angry, trying to get back his beloved blanket to answer.

”Thats right! Today is a damn monday, but its also the day I opened the clinic, the psychological clinic that I put so much effort into, had to stay up late to get up early to be able to open it! ” – Taly Cruise at this time is equally fierce, replied.

Midy Cruise immediately sat up, his mind immediately awake to look at his two-armed brother who was quickly looking at him.

Seeing that this was very familiar, Taly Cruise immediately knew that her beloved brother was still asleep, nodded to prove it was true and continued: ”It is not a dream, if you continue to sit stupid here youll be late for the zodiac! ”

Midy Cruise at this time did not say no, immediately ran straight to the toilet.

His mouth was full of toothpaste foam, looking at the young man standing and arranging his messy sleeping place, he said: ”Little Taly, this day has finally come! Second brother will soon have the money to pave the way for me to enter the entertainment world! ”

Taly Cruise smiled and replied: ”Do you think a talented person like me needs your money to be famous? ”

”Thats right! Thats right! Its that you don think clearly. Our Little Taly sings so well, no one needs to back it up, Im sure shell be famous soon! ” – Midy Cruise immediately knew that he had said the wrong thing, and quickly took his heart and said

”But hey! To this day I still don understand how you can freely eat human nightmares, but you have to spend money to open a psychiatric clinic like that? ” – Taly Cruise asked while picking up the blanket.

”Theres nothing wrong with saying Im stupid! Its true that you can directly eat their dreams, but if you open this psychiatric clinic, you can both eat delicious nightmares and have more money for treatment so why do they I waste a good deed like that? ” – Midy Cruise hurriedly washed his face and explained.

”So thats how it is! Then surely our clinic will be very popular! ” – Taly Cruise went to the wardrobe, took out a set of clothes that had been prepared in advance, starting with his brother.

”What should I say, people in this era really have a lot of problems in life. Those problems follow them into their dreams, and that dream makes them feel disgusted for a long time. One day, when you can stand it anymore, you will definitely find a way to get rid of it. I just help them reduce a part of their difficulties in life! ” – Midy Cruise after finishing personal hygiene, stepped outside, leaned against the wall to look at his younger brother and then said.

”They really have a lot of things to take care of in life, don they? ” – Taly Cruise is attentive to clothes.

”I have a lot of things to worry about too, why do you care about them alone? ” – Midy Cruise pretended to be angry.

”How am I? I only care about my two brothers. They don take care of you for a day and don care what they do? ” – Taly Cruise quickly smiled to her heart, passed her brothers clothes straight and answered.

”Okay, go back to your room and get ready! I can take care of the rest! ” – Midy Cruise received and said

”Then Ill go back to my room! ” – Taly Cruise finished talking and went straight to the door.

”Hey ya! I look handsome in this outfit, don I? ” – Midy Cruise looked at a very strange person in the mirror and said.

Midy Cruise after wearing a luxurious suit, stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself for a long time. The person in the mirror is indeed very aura, the black suit is tailor-made to fit every line of this mans body. The same black tie mixed with a bit of copper makes the suit even more powerful.

”I have never worn these kinds of clothes since I was a kid! I didn think it would be appropriate for something luxurious like this! ” – Midy Cruise thought in his heart, basically just having cloth to cover his body is too good, he did not expect that he also has this day.

Since childhood, Midy Cruise has always been busy with earning money to live every day, and also has to earn money to take care of Midy Cruises education, so he has not cared much for himself until now. Now Im twenty-eight years old, and its the first time Ive dressed up a bit

Eight oclock the same day.

Boom boom *fireworks*

”Congratulations, your dream has finally come true. ” – Miss Ko Lan clapped her hands and smiled.

”Thank you all for coming here to celebrate today! ” – Taly Cruise bends over to thank everyone around.

Most of the people here are loyal customers of Midy Cruises grocery store.

Yes, before opening this psychological clinic, the two brothers ran a small grocery store to earn extra income.

”Don talk politely anymore, everyone in this area considers us both children of the family! ” – A woman next door said.

The person standing next to him said, ”Yes, yes! Weve lived here since we were little, we both consider the two of you to be relatives, so stop saying nonsense.

Midy Cruise immediately recalled that day, after carrying his brother out of the fire, he ran here. While the two were about to go to the haunted house, Ms. Ko Lan promptly discovered and brought them to the hospital and since that day they have lived in this area, living in the love of good neighbors. this.

”So from today on we have to call Little Midy boss or doctor? ” – The neighbor turned and started joking

After hearing that, the man immediately pushed the boat with water: ”Do you still have to ask? You should be called Doctor Cruise, you know that? ”

Hearing this, everyone burst out laughing.

”Don tease me anymore! Just call me Tieu Vu like you used to call it before! ” – Midy Cruise was a little embarrassed, scratching his head and smiling.

”Come on everyone, stop making fun of my second brother! Since today is a happy day, I will sing a happy song! ” – Taly Cruise immediately freed his brother from the jokes of everyone.

”OK OK! Little Taly sings very well, sing quickly! ” – Everyone was immediately affected by this attack, and Taly Cruise easily switched to another topic.

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