[Name: Dreyden Stella]

[Race: Human]

[Strength: 12]

[Toughness: 15]

[Agility: 13]

[Intelligence: 20]

[Perception: 10]

[Magic Energy: 30]


[Celestial Library {0}]

The large library that stores books.

Stored books:

Eyes Of Truth {1}.





Looking at the status, I sighed. One of the rules of creating a token was that you only had 100 stat points to distribute.

Despite the little description, that was my skill. The skill I created along with this character.

I couldn contain the smile that formed on my lips, the feeling of relief that grew as I faced that skill.

”Fortunately… ”

Celestial Library, an ability not registered in Gaias rules.

I created this skill to have the ability to copy other skills. However, to increase the chances of my character being chosen, I put limiters on it.

I ran my hands over the floating screen and it disappeared, as soon as it disappeared, again I said, ”Skills. ”

The feeling of magic energy moving was the same, different from before the square was smaller, opening my eyes, I could see my skill in more detail.

[Celestial Library {0}]

The large library that stores books.


1 – You need to see the energy flow when the target uses the desired skill.

2 – You only have 4 spaces to copy skill books.

3 – You can only use two Skill books at the same time.

4 – If you fill in all four spaces, and want to copy a new book, you need to choose which skill you want to delete.

Stored books:

Eyes Of Truth {1}.

It can see the flow of magical energy in peoples bodies.




They were bearable limitations. Skills of level 6 and up require you to use your magical energy within your body, which would make Dreyden unable to copy stronger skills.

However, to get around this, on the sheet, I said that the person who taught him this skill also gave him a level 1 skill book called Eyes Of Truth.

Which allowed him to see the energy flow within the body, and allowed him to copy stronger abilities.

In short, I only have three slots to copy skills, I can lose sight of the truth, otherwise, my copying ability would drop a lot.

Theres only one problem with all of this. I wasn Dreyden Stella, when I say status or skills, magic energy flows through my body by itself, but it wasn like that with active skills.

I do not know how to control my magical energy.

So, in the remaining hours before heading to the Triangle, I had to learn about magical energy as possible.

”Looks like I won have time to sleep. ”

I got out of bed, walked over to the bedroom table, and picked up the laptop that was on top of it. Turning it on I took a deep breath as I prayed through my thoughts.

”Please don have a password, please don have a password… ”

Staring at the laptops blue screen disappearing into the desktop, I breathed a sigh of relief.

”Alright, time to get started.

And so, I spent the next few hours learning everything I could about how magical energy works.



The time had finally come.

”Haaaaa…. ”

Letting out a long breath, I looked dazedly at the landscape in front of me.

”I expected something out of the ordinary, but this… ”

There were many students in the place, everyone there seemed agitated or afraid of everything. The floor was covered by a cold, metallic floor in a huge, closed hallway. There were metal walls and a lot of strangely fearful young people.


At a considerable distance, a metal door was opened and the students were immediately quiet. Dozens of eyes turned in the direction.

”Here is the first step, for the next two years of your lives. ” A mans firm voice explained.

As soon as the door closed, giving sight to a short but muscular man, he scoffed at the lost faces of some students and the confident faces of others.

I knew who he was. The pumped-up dwarf, Mr. Fifith, has an ability given to him by the Triangle called Stone Aura.

For him to acquire one of the few level 7 skills in the Triangles possession, he already proved his competence.

I was located in the middle of the students, I tried to arrive a few minutes early, but as I didn know where the hell this place was exactly, it didn work out very well.


A thunderous noise sounded as the temperature in the room intensified. I couldn see what happened, just hear the frightened screams of some students.

”Shit! Is that guy crazy!? ”

”H-He used a skill on an instructor!? ”

e **ed, very **ed up. ”

I forced my way through the students as far forward as possible. As I bumped into the students coming toward me, I felt a little nervous.

”For a fire skill to raise the temperature like that, its at least level 6. If I can copy it… ”

I managed to pass by the students and have a vision of what was happening. In front of me, a boy with short red hair was standing there staring at Fifth.

His hands were on fire as he stared at the man in front of him with a smile.

”I won accept taking orders from someone weaker than me. ”

He lifted his head toward the ceiling and smiled confidently.

My hands shook unconsciously as I swallowed nervously.

”W-what this guy…. ”

This was not supposed to be happening.

The smoke around the man cleared, leaving him completely unharmed. Then he looked towards the attacker and noting the brooch on his clothing, he sighed.

”So you
e the boy from the Weyle family, I know your face. ”

The instructor paused and said.

It was the same for me.

Octave Weyle.

He was not the main character, not even a secondary character.

He was a character created by readers just like Dreyden. The problem is that like me, he was also rejected.

”Shit, whats going on here!? This guy… ”

I muttered in shock. He shouldn be here, just like me, and if he is, theres a good chance hes just like me.

Someone from the land.

”You already understand how it will work in the Triangle. ” The instructor slapped his clothes a few times, dusting off his uniform. ”Unfortunately for you, we
e not in the Triangle, so Ill answer you accordingly. ”

This is bad, very bad.

Octave like the instructor is also a level 7 skill user. In theory, it would be a balanced match, but thats not theory, its practice.

Per Octaves token, he has 30 points of magic energy just like me, the maximum allowed to put on the token. The problem is that the instructors skill uses force, and since he is an instructor, his stats must be much higher than normal.

”You can come, old man! ”

Octave smiled and entered combat as the flames in his fist intensified.

”This guys resistance… ”

For his body to withstand the heat of the flames, Octaves creator left some low stats like strength and agility to increase stamina.

If hes from the land, it was a pretty stupid move to go up against an instructor, his life in the Triangle will be hell.

Quickly, I moved my magic energy activating the Eyes of Truth.

The instructor bent down. He put his hands on the floor and closed them on the metal floor, breaking it.


He picked up the flooring from the floor and threw it against the wall when he could see the earth beneath it.

Smiling, he raised his hands and a yellow aura covered his entire body.

Some stones that were under the metallic floor, were surrounded by the same yellow energy as they rose and stayed in the air alone.

”I-this… ”

”Is that telekinesis!? ”

The students who were standing at the front watching along with me started to argue.


The stones floating in the air then flew towards the instructor and surrounded him. As soon as he finished, the instructor appeared to be wearing stone armor.

He ran towards Octave who quickly started a flurry of fiery fists towards him.


The flames clashed with the stones on the instructors body and quickly dissipated. Despite the great defensive power, that skill affected the instructors mobility, which gave Octave time to prepare.

Seeing that his normal attacks weren working, he channeled his magic energy into a single fist, turning the normal flames into blue flames.

The blue flames intensified and grew, as soon as it was over, Octave watched the instructor in front of him.

His fist was surrounded by rocks.

He watched through the cracks in the rocks in the instructors face, his determined gaze made him perk up.

Smiling, they both shouted.

”Rocky Fist! ”

”Flaming Fist! ”

As soon as both fists collided, smoke predominated the place while a noise could be heard.


”Damn! This kid is an idiot! ” A female voice sounded beside me as I could hear her coughing repeatedly.

”Surely. ” I replied, not taking my eyes off the battle where I could see through the smoke.

”What happened!? ” Beside the girl, a voice a little firmer sounded doubtful, while also fanning the smoke.

”I don know, I can see anything. ” The girl replied.

I could see it, but I didn know who it was so I didn respond.

A few feet in front of me, the instructor was standing in his Rock armor, some of which were black from the heat.

If you looked sideways, you wouldn see the students location. As soon as their fists clashed, even though they had high resistance, the instructors strength stood out a lot.

His fist passed through the students, breaking him along with his arm, he didn even have time to scream when the rocks hit his stomach sending him flying away as he hit the wall.

As the smoke slowly cleared and the students gained sight of the place, most of the students were startled.

”I-wasn that an exaggeration? ”

”Damn! Was even that strong guy treated like that? ”

”I want to leave, Let me out! ”

”Me too! Open that damn door! ”


”Tsk, idiots… ” I heard a murmur beside me, which made my head instinctively turn in his direction.

It was a girl, the same girl who was screaming when the place was filled with smoke.

Noticing my gaze, she turned to me, seeing that I was strangely staring at her, she frowned. ”What are you looking at!? ”

She took a step toward me, but her hand was caught by a student behind her.

”Er… Ahem, Im sorry. ”

I quickly looked away.

”Weird. ”

I heard her mutter as she turned and ignored my existence.

Yes, this situation is weird.

This duo, I also know them, they are also characters created by the readers.

Unlike Min and Octave, they weren rejected.

One of the rules for your character to be chosen is simple. They are a man and a woman, they do not need to know each other or have any relationship in the history of their record, but the author would work them together as friends.

And those two were the chosen ones.

A girl with short white hair with a fringe falling to the left that didn cover her light purple eyes, her features, and serious expression made her look older than she was, she wore a white blouse with black details and long pants.

Beside her, the boy holding her hand had a slightly bored expression, as if she didn want to be there.

He had short brown hair and orange eyes, he wore a white long-sleeved blouse with orange details on the sleeves emphasizing his eyes.

Those were Riven Dogers and Dhara Silvius.

Dhara, like me and Octave, was a girl who was also part of an influential family. The creator of Dhara didn invent a family like me or the creator of Octave.

Dhara is a member of the Silvius family, the family of one of the novels main heroines.

Riven, on the other hand, is different. He is not from an influential family, but his father has a very high position in the Army, which makes him receive several benefits.

One of them is your level 8 skill book.

Taking my focus away from the characters, I ignored them just like they did to me, I was preoccupied with something else now.

On my retina, a screen glowed in front of me, a screen only I could see.

[Congratulations! You acquired the skill book Fire Fists.]

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