The Webnovel I was reading was called ”The Dance of Power ”.

It wasn a mega-hit, but it was popular enough for me to read. It had its problems and its flaws, but the universe was interesting and so were the characters.

And of course, having something innovative. Be an interactive web novel.

When I started reading, I was stunned. It was my first experience reading something interactive, a story where readers could create characters to participate in the work.

It was a risky move by the author I would say, but as it was something new, I was very excited. In the contest they had, I even sent my character sheet.

I tried in every way not to make it too strong, but also not to make it too weak. I submitted a photo of what he looked like, his backstory, and his powers, however, I was rejected.

I still remember the reply I got from the author.



[Hello Vipez! I liked the form you sent to my email. First I wanted to thank you for following my humble story and always commenting on it. Second, Im sorry, but the two character slots were chosen. Although I liked his character, he doesn fit in what I want to do with the story, hes not good enough.]


It was a pretty short answer, saying what he wanted and being very direct about it.

I felt bad about the answer. Ah… If only I hadn wasted so much time making that sheet, looking for a photo that matched what I wanted, and thinking of ways to hold the skill.

I didn send a reply, I just dropped the novel.

It was good, but there were better stories for me to enjoy, and as the interaction of the chosen characters gained momentum, I started to feel bad reading that.

I mean, they
e not even as interesting as mine.

Maybe that was the reason why what happened to me happened.


The chance of someone becoming a millionaire is one in 50,063,860. What is happening to me right now was as unreal as the chance of winning the lottery.

I was standing in the living room of an ordinary house, holding a letter.

But the room was not my room, the letter was unrecognizable and I was not ”me ”. For, first of all, the house I was in seemed so expensive I couldn afford it.

I was alone in the living room, and I wasn hearing any noise, which was unbelievable since my sister was always listening to music.

Watching the brooch that held the letter, I took a deep breath and held the air in my lungs. I took off the brooch and opened the letter, reading the first line I understood what had happened to me.

The first line of the letter read: Dear Dreyden. You were asked for the triangle.

I had become a character in the novel I dropped out of.

Even worse, the rejected character I created.

I had become Dreyden Stella. Dreyden lived in a luxurious apartment but had no contact with his parents. As for why, of course, it was because I wanted to.

The story I created for Dreyden is quite simple.

As the abilities of this world are hereditary, I couldn create it without family, so I created one, but she was absent, as in her discretion, Dreyden failed.

The Stella family is a family that has possession of the level 7 skill book Copper Body. However, to acquire this ability, his body needs to have more vital energy than normal, and this is where Dreyden fails.

At the age of 10, Dreyden was exiled from the family, so he learned to fend for himself and take care of himself. He met a friend of his fathers who helped him with a skill book.

Being raised by a special family, he was taught that people without skills are people with no future. So he focused on trying to get a skill book, but it wasn as easy as he thought.

Then he found a friend of his fathers, who helped him and gave his skill book to him.

This friends name is Idan Vaughan, and thats the first problem because when I signed up, I didn give this friend any name.


On second thought, I understood my situation. I didn end up in romance, I ended up in the world of romance.

If I had gone into the novel, the world would have been just what is described in the webnovel, but it wasn .

The current world is alive, just the fact that this friend has a name proves it.

As a result of my reasoning, I spent the last two hours lying in bed thinking about what to do. This was an elitist and dangerous world, and even though I have skills, its still very difficult.

For example, the Triangle. A human military academy where they teach people with skills to get stronger and give opportunities to those who don have skills to acquire one.

The Triangle is where the first volume of the novel takes place, and its a very dangerous place, young people with skill levels 10 or 9 are quite tyrants.

And from what I read in the letter, I have to introduce myself tomorrow.

”Why… why the hell am I in this world!? I didn even want to be my character or want him to get into the novel, I was just bummed that he couldn ! ”

From what was written in the letter

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