”This is the second time we are coming here for this same thing, I don think Mr Sham will have something different to show us this time, I guess we are going to make our choice today, since SE company is the only one giving us something reasonable ”.

One of them says, then I heard a deep base voice.

”I think he is going to give us something different today, so that we can finally move on to his brothers company ”.

Another says.

”Why do you want his brothers company so badly?

The first person asked, but the second speaker only laughs, without answering.

I thought it is just the two of them, until a group followed the president, and his future son in-law, behind, they too were matching in.

I gathered all the file, and rushed to the cafeteria, where I know I will see no one, I kept thinking why there is a sex tape of the presidents daughter Lorita with Mr Sham.

Where is the original tape? I could not help but ask that, out loud, but no one was insight, but then I started hearing voices outside, I tiptoed, going outside the window, I saw Lucinda talking with Mr Shams brother.

”Wow this girl sure moves fast, how did it happen that she knows Lambert too?

They are brothers from different mother, and they have been at loggerhead with eachother since their father shared his both company to them, to test them, since he is now very old, and cannot handle his businesses, he wants to know which of his sons will be able to make more investments, and sign more contracts with foreign investors, that will boost his business, taking it back to its first place in the market business.

I was also shocked, seeing her give Lambert something that looks like a CD, I quickly took a picture of her, but it was not really clear.

Then I heard Mr Sham scream.

”Where is this stupid girl?

I did not answer, I wanted to watch her till she leaves, he also gave her an envelope, that looks like it house enough money, but then I remembered that I have an app in my phone, that could brighten a picture that is taken in the dark.

I tried using the app, there in the cafeteria, and it worked, it showed clearly, Lucinda, giving Lambert a file.

Mr Sham kept calling me different names, I did not want to answer until I have seen and done all I wanted, then I hid the files, keeping the flash in my back pocket, I walked back to the hall, before I got to the hall, I saw Sham with Beautrice looking for me.

”Joyce what the hell is wrong with you, this is the last chance I have, and yet I can not find the CD I want to use for the projection ”. I looked at Beautrice, and knew I should not share my findings with anyone, so I lied.

”sir I am sorry, if the CD is not there, then I guess it was never there, I arranged the place just the way you asked me to, you can ask Mrs Beautrice, she also helped me out ”. I watch him go hither, seriously angry with himself, he walked back and fought and still could not do anything about it, staring into his scared face, I wish I could tell him the truth immediately, but I needed to taunt him too.

”I guess we could ask Lucinda, I saw her leave the hall, just before I got there, Maybe she might know something ”.

”I don have such time stupid, they are already here ”.

He was helpless, I wanted to help him, but I just could not show it to him immediately, he is too desperate, and if I just bring it out, he might rush there to play it to them, and that would cause serious problem for him.

I think this is his brothers plan, and if he is not careful, he is going to win, it seem the war between whom the father will leave the rest of his company for has started.

”What do I do now? He sounded so helpless, I felt really bad, this is the first time I am seeing him so helpless.

”They are being entertained now, I can handle the presentation, we really do not need to show them anything, after all, they have been seeing this same video, this is the third time, and we plan to show them the same thing, what if we just tell them theoretically, then promise to send them the video, that we plan to work on, that will be different from the one they have seen before to their emails ”. I said, and he clapped.

”Thank you Joyce, you are a life saver, that is what we should do, but I have not read the paper report, how do I go about it? He asked again, and then I reminded him, that I already told him that I can do the presentation, because I already read it.

”Are you sure you can do this?

He asked me and I nodded, while Mrs Beautrice excused herself, saying she needed to be on her way home, she was immediately allowed, I also want to be alone with Mr Sham, though not for any romantics reason, but to bring to his notice that he should totally slow down with his immoral act, else, it will cost him everything.

Mr Sham then rushed into the hall, and started the pre introduction of the project, he could totally recite it by heart, since it is something that he has been doing for the number of times they have visited.

I started to suspect that the other speaker, that seem to be on the side of Mr Shams brother, might also have something to do with the plot, so I went into the office of the project designers to see if I can retrieve the old CD, I was shocked to see a duplicate of the presentation there, I played it and saw that it is the original, then I took it, when it was time for the presentation, I stepped out.

I could see the way Mr Sham was looking at me, he doesn have faith in me, I have also never done a thing like that before, but since I have read the files, I know what to say.

I looked into the eye of every one present, when my eyes landed on Sham, I started talking.

”We are not going to express this work like we are begging for it to be accepted, because, you have seen this project many times before now, all we are saying is that, when you Invest rightly, you will get the required result, because, we will follow it up, and make sure you are not disappointed, because, if you are disappointed, then we are also disappointed, and if you are successful, then we are also successful ”. I lock eyes with the president, he seem really impressed, and he started clapping, but then, the other man stopped him.

”We still need to see the Projection, I have forgotten what was presented to me the last time, I need to see it ”.

I exchanged glances with Mr Sham, who looks like he would open the ground and be swallowed by it, then I inserted the CD I got from the designers team office, I looked around and could see the smirk of delight from the other mans face, and the shock in Mr Shams face, he must be thinking I deceived him, that I could not find it, but he would understand soon, then the CD started playing showing on the projector, it was the discarded one, but it still carried the vital information needed, I could see that Mr Sham saw what happened, I had brought in the discarded CD, so he stood up and still explained.

The president is impressed, he clapped again, then he stood up.

”This is the best presentation I have had from this company, the rough Show, gave me a different idea on how to go about this plan, so I will partner with you ”. Saying so, he got up, and started making his way out, he stopped infront of me, and shook my hand.

”When the project fully starts, I will like to work with you ”. I was so happy, I felt like jumping on his body, but just like I have seen the professionals behave, I did not want to show myself so much, so I just took his hand, and watch as they all left, but the look on the last guys face could not be hidden.

Mr Sham, signed the other part of the paper, handing it over to the secretary, he rushed after the president, and shook his hand.

Dolchin also shook hands with him, and left. I kept looking at my boss, he still acted normal, after sleeping with the man ”s wife to be.

They all left, looking all happy, while only one is looking sad, I didn care, because, atleast, Mr Sham is not shamed.

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