Stupidly inlove with Mr CEO

Mr Sham is not shamed.

He tries to disengage from me again, but I held him close, feeling the fragrance of his cologne, I closed my eyes, and then started pouting my lips, towards his neck, with my eyes still closed, but I felt stupid, when he pushed me away.

”Joyce, that is enough ”. he spoke harshly, I found myself on the other side of the door.

I thought this is my chance,

Now, you will need to stick around, soon, I will have my guest in this office, make sure you get everything prepared, make them feel at home, or at office ”. he laughed, I was supposed to laugh too, but for the first time, I was angry.

I hated myself so much, that I wish I could tell him that I am angry and he would do something about it.

”Why can you just notice me for once? I muttered. It almost came out loud, but it ended up as a whisper, I watch him leave, while I stayed back at the office to put things inorder.

After what seem like forever, I started hearing voices, they were all female, I wonder why they were only female, I looked, but they were dressed like those going for a party, not people coming for a meeting, I checked the file again, the one he told me we would be expecting the partners, and looking back at the ladies walking in, they look nothing like the Asian investors I had met before, and just then I saw the CEO walking in again.

”Joyce are you still here, I told you I will have guest here soon, leave now, go and prepare the hall for the Asian investors, they too will soon be here ”. I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I heard him say it.

”But sir, you said they will make use of the office ”. I tried to argue, but he always have an answer for me.

”Common silly, you sound like you started working here only yesterday, you should know I don meet with foreign investors in my office, I will have to show them a projection of the project, and they need to know what they are working for ”. He said, and was about to leave, but I still wanted to know why I had to arrange his messed up office a while ago.

”But sir ”. He turned with a blood shot eye, that was enough to shut me up, I nodded and left immediately, going to the hall.

He could never call any other person, because, I am the only one that knows what he wants and how he wants it, he could also never try to replace me, because that would be more like loosing his company.

On my way out I met Lucinda, and her presence made me check my wrist watch.

”Why are you still here, I thought everyone had gone ”. I asked, looking suspiciously at her.

”Joyce, you are just too naive, you want the CEO, but you have never made the move, once I made the move, I got him already ”.

She made mockery of me. My humiliation seem to just have started, I almost cried infront of her, but I had to brace myself.

”What makes you think I want the CEO, I don want him, I could never want a man like that, who sleeps with everything he sees under the skirt, I have better things to do with my body and my feelings ”. What I said, seem to get to her, because she felt bad, and filthy, I walked away with shoulders high, but when I got to the hall, I sighed in anger, the place was messed up again, I wonder if he never gets tired of sleeping with women, I am sure he just had another round of mind blowing sex with Lucinda, no wonder she looked that exhausted. Her hair was all messed up, and so does her makeup.

”How did Lucinda get Mr Sham to sleep with her? I asked that out loud, knowing that no one is with me, but then, I already know the answer to my question, he sleeps with every girl but me.

I called in the janitor, she is the only one that is supposed to be around.

”Mrs Beautrice, please we need to get this place cleaned up, they will be here anytime soon, and I need to sort out the files, I would have done it myself, but I have limited time ”. I was trying to explain to the woman, but she only smiles at me.

I hate asking her to work after every other person had gone home, she lives in the same neighborhood with me, and I helped her with the job, because I know she needs it. It was while I was trying to get her to work with us, that her son Jeremiah had seen me, and asked me out. Not as if he is not handsome, he is really cute, but I just don see him the way I see Mr Sham.

”You worry too much miss Joyce, this is my job, you should feel free to tell me what to do, that is why I am here, and that is why I am being paid ”. Beautrice replies with modesty, she is always been too modest, she never complains. Well I guess, condition will make one be really humble.

Just the way I am, being the one taking care of my only brother Raymond in school, after our parents died In a ghastly motor accident, I could be really humble, because, if I loose the one job I have that is paying me well, with my little qualification, then my brother might end up being a drop out just like me, and I really cannot allow that.

”I know but, not to enslave you, anyways, lets get to work, we will do it together.

”I gathered all the files, and got the projection in place, I started feeling nausea, I must have been too exhausted, that my body took a bit of a toll, I excused myself with my right hand raised, and covering my mouth with the other hand, I rushed into the toilet, where I bent down and threw up.

I stayed there looking really tired, but not to tired to notice that there is something in the toilet.

My eye caught the condom, which means Mr Sham, either had Lucinda in the toilet, or just chose to drop it there, and on the floor, not even in the toilet itself, but my eye caught something else, there was something like a recorder, I picked it up, and it was not just a recorder, it was more like a flash drive.

”This man, why will he have a flash drive here, in the rest room, did he also make out in the toilet? I asked myself, out loud, but I guess Beautrice could hear me, looking at it again, I decided to take it back to the hall to play it.

”You work too much for this man, and yet he never take notice of you, I wish he would just see you, the way you see him ”. I heard Mrs Beautrice say, I pretended as if I am not the one she is referring to, because I wouldn know why she would make a statement like that.

I wonder why she would say a thing like that, this was the second person talking about me and The CEO. does it mean that I have made it that obvious to them, that I am inlove with him?

I didn want to start to argue with her, so I just smiled, and was about to walk away to avoid anymore from her, but she still called me back.

”Joyce, you are a good kid, if he is meant for you, he will see you in a different way, from the way he sees those other girls, and that is because you are special, and you love him genuinely ”. She tapped me on the back and walked away.

she was done with her work, and I was also done with mine, all I was waiting for was to have the investors walk in and the meeting starts off officially, with just me and Mr Sham in the office.

I needed to stick around as I will be the one to arrange the place for the next day, before other workers will come in.

I was very curious about what was in the drive, but I still had one more thing to check, the Project Video, I played it, just to be sure, that it was still the same video that the designing team have made, but I was shocked, the video was a sex tape, with the presidents daughter, right there in the hall, with Mr Sham, I was so shocked, I switched it off immediately, knowing that video could not get out, the president would be furious, his daughter was only Eighteen, and she was already engaged to be married to Dochin, the son of the Ambassador, how did she end up in the hall, naked with Mr Sham? I hid the tape immediately, and took the video, searching around the drawer, I ended up scattering all I have put together, just to find the original CD, but I was already too late, they were coming in, I could hear their voice from afar, I gathered all the scattered file, and walked away.

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