Stupidly inlove with Mr CEO

I Am stupid (JOYCE\'S POV)

Mr Sham is the CEO of the company where I work.

His father is the president of the company off course.

He has a half brother, who hates him, as though he is the devil himself, but that would probably be story for another time.

The CEO never noticed me, I work so hard for him to notice me, but I guess I am just a regular girl with a regular face with nothing unique to show.

He makes me work very hard, but still, he doesn see me as he sees others.

It is almost as though I don exist.

You might be wondering how then he makes me work so hard?

When I say he doesn notice me, I mean, he doesn notice me the way I want him to notice me.

”How did you get all this done in one hour? He asked me after he had finished littering the entire office, just because he was making out with his secretary.

You must say I am stupid, but you are not far from the truth, I am really stupid, falling desperately inlove with my boss, while he takes his time, to sleep around with different girls.

”I make it my business sir ”. I replied, smiling, thinking he was looking at me, but I was shocked when I looked up at him, only to discover that he is busy with his phone admiring a naked girl.

My jaw dropped, for I felt too stupid, it almost feels like he could read through me, because he spoke immediately.

”Stop standing there doing nothing, go to the upper room, it is messed up, go get it cleaned up ”. I stared angrilly at him, as if he would even look at me, it almost felt like he doesn want to waste his time to stare at a girl like me.

I tried to look into his phone, when I felt he is about to look up, I looked away immediately, and then without waiting for him to repeat himself, I rushed to the upper room as instructed, not like I was the janitor or something, when he says go get it cleaned up He simply means he wants his files cleaned up.

This is the hardest job I have had to do my entire life, I packed the other file I was to go home with, and walked up to the upper room. It is called upper room, because it is just a room above the office and only the CEO was allowed to go in there, or if he instruct you to go there.

When I got up there, I was not too surprised, to see that everywhere was a mess, I sighed, and asked rhetorically. ”Where will I start, to clean up this mess? I paused, and looked around, for ideas.

I need to get the files, and its issue related together, but getting them is usually the problem, because Mr Sham, must have mixed the Indian investors, with the sales in Russia file to that of the United kingdom, and the yet to be concluded contract in the USA.

”Ah! I exclaimed, and bent down to start getting the files, I was lucky, they had unique logos to show which belongs to which, so I usually just pick them and place them where they should be, afterwards, I will take my time, to rearrange them, using their page number to locate where each should be.

Mr Sham likes to scatter his files around, if he is searching for something and he cannot find it, or if he is making out with someone, and the files are on the table, he may just clear the table with one hand, just so that he would have the person on the table.

It took me another hour to get it all done, making sure the pages corresponds.

when I was done, I sat on his seat, and imagine him making love to me.

I don want any other thing from Mr Sham, all I need is for him to notice me, and love me, I also don mind him making love to me, it might make him start seeing me differently, he sees every other girl, but why he has not seen me in such a way, still remains surprising.

I want him to make love to me, the way I see him making love to those numerous girlfriends he has.

Mr Sham is every girls idol, even guys are smitten by him, yet he sees women as a tool and here I am, wanting to be one of his many tools.

He has no serious girlfriend, and it also feels no one is taking him seriously,

They all know he has other girls, no one wants him to be faithful, and stick to just her, so why should I seek for his faithfulness, I just want to share in the nat

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