*At taes house*

Every member were there except taehyung and Lia was also with them playing some games as they were having day off and were bored.

*Phone rings*

Lia: *clears throat* Guys Ill come back in a minute yall can continue..

6 of them: Ok.

Lia went to her room, closed the door and answered the call.

Lia: H-hello??

???: I told you to do one job and that is to give me every little information about them and what did you do? YOU DIDNT TOLD ME THEY ARE GOING TO A DATE?? Thank god one of my loyal people saw them together or else i would have lose the chance to kill her.

Lia: S-sorry i was with the other members..

???: Wtf are you doing they aren your friends and you
e not there to do gossips!! they are our Enemies remember that or else say bye to your family!!

Lia: N-no!!! i will do my job properly..

???: Next time I won forgive!!! Bitch stay in your limits! GET THAT!

With that the person hung up the call and Lia fell on her knees sobbing lightly.

Lia: I-i am s-sorry Yn.. You don deserve a friend like me who is worst than a enemy…And I can even let my family die bcz of me…God Im already dying inside by doing wrong with this good people..they all are so nice and good to me how can i be fake with them?? So why not just die than living a life like a puppet!

Lia was so guilty for her own deed which she didn wanted to do but unfortunately she had to..Her mind was now blank and she stood up and went to the kitchen and took out a knife.

*Jimins pov*

I was feeling thirsty and the other members wanted to eat something so as i lost in rock paper scissors i had to come and prepare this all. But when i entered the kitchen i saw something i never expected to see. Lia was lying on the floor like a lifeless body. I quickly shouted and went near her. I checked her pulses she was still alive. Hearing me shouting the other members also came and helped me to bring Lia to hospital without wasting anytime.


After they finished eating and as Tae planned they went to a Nearby park and sat there.

*At park*

???: Boss, They are here enjoying *smirk*

????: Cool, keep an eye on them till i order you to do something.

???: Okay boss! *aims the gun to them*

Tae: The weather is nice today, right?

Yn: *nods*

They both were enjoying the view and watching the children playing happily.

Yn asked him by texting: ”Do you love kids? ”

Tae: Ofc!! They are so pure and innocent i love kids so much!

Yn: ”Me too. ”

Tae: *clears throat* Then its good we can make many kids *smirk*

Yn: *looks at him widening her eyes*

Tae: what? aren you gonna marry me? Well even if you change your mind i won . So You
e only mine sweetheart *wink*

Yn: *laughs and hits him*

*Phone rings*

Tae: Hello?

JK: Hyung, come in xxxxx hospital quickly!!

Tae: But what happened- hello??

Yn asked him what happened.

Tae: Sorry Yn but we have to go now!

They quickly went to car and drove off.

???: Boss, what should i do they
e going somewhere and seems like its urgent.

????: What?? How can they go anywhere in between a date.. Go find out.

???: Okay boss.

With that the man also started following their car and they stopped Infront of the hospital. They went inside.

Jk: Hyung!!

Tae: Jk what happened why did you call us here..is everything okay who is injured?

Jk: The members are okay but *looks at Yn*

Tae: But what jungkook?

Jk: Lia attempt to suicide…

Hearing that Yn went numb and blank.

Tae: Y-yn!! Yn!

She quickly ran Infront of Lias room and tears started flowing like a river from her eyes. The thought of losing her best friend scared her. And moreover she tried to do suicide?? she was a crying mess rn. They all were feeling bad seeing her state.

Hobi and Jin came and helped her to stand up and sit down. Taehyung also came and hugged her to calm her down. She kept trying to say something which broke everyones heart more.

Tae: She is strong Yn..she Will recover quickly and Ill find out why she did that.

*After sometime*

Yn fell asleep on taehyungs shoulder.

Rm: You should take her back home Tae.

Suga: Yeah and you should too rest you both are already tired.

Tae: I guess you
e right. Jimin and Jk if you find any little information behind lias decision to suicide inform me quickly. Im pretty sure something is very fishy.

Jimin and Jk: Okay.

Tae: Did yall noticed something unusual in her behaviour before you last saw her?

Hobi: No we all were playing and enjoying but suddenly she got a call and we last saw her in the kitchen like that.

Tae: Hmm a phone call.. alright Ill go home now with Yn. Yall call me if anything needed okay?

Everyone nodded and tae and yn went back to home.

Tae carried her in bridal style and puts her in bed. Tae carefully puts the blanket over her. He kissed her forehead and went out of the room. He directly went to Lias room.

The room was neat and clean and theres nothing like any evidence to find. He roams around the room checking everything and also the bathroom but he found nothing. Sighing heavily he was about to go out of the room but he stepped on something. He looked down and it was a Mobile. He immediately took it but there was a lock.

Tae: Its nothing for me to open a lock duhh..

With that he opened the lock and scrolls through her phone calls list. The last person she talked to was unknown.

Tae: If his words made Lia to end her life then hes definitely not a ”unknown ”. Hmm…so lets find out whos this Unknown person.

He sent the number to Jimin and jk bcz they are the information collector of their gang. Usually to handle suicide cases the cops comes and investigate but as they are the mafias they doesn need anybody as they are more powerful than cops.


????: Do one thing i guess they are safe for today but next time one of them will definitely die.

???: okay boss then Ill go from here before anyone suspects me.

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