Its been 2 weeks since they lived together. They get along well.Tae even catched feelings for her but chose to hide it. While Yn was feeling something else. And Tae even hired a girl who knows sign language so that he can understand Yn.

Now Tae was preparing for his next mission and packing his important stuffs which he needs for his mission. Yn knocked at his door and Tae told her to come while he slightly hides the bag which was full with guns.

Lia (her sign language translator): Sir, she wants to talk about something.

Tae: Yes.. tell me what is it?

Yn did sign language and Lia told him..

Lia: But why Yn??

Yn just asked her to told Tae who was confused af.

Tae: What is it Lia?

Lia: Uhh…Sir she said that…She can stay with you anymore..

Tae was shocked and confused as well bcz she doesn have any family nor any home and moreover he gave her every comfort so what can be the reason of her decision?

Tae: But why is this Yn?? Did someone told you anything??

Yn shook her head as a no and again signed to Lia.

Lia: you
e not a burden you shouldn say that Yn!

Tae: What?!!! Yn?? what is this.. how could you think like that… you
e not a burden for me!!

Yn was silent for a moment.

Tae: And moreover..Do you have any home to stay?

Yn again signed to Lia.

Lia: She said Shell go to her uncles house.

And that made Taehyung more angry. He signals Lia to go and she left after nodding. Then Tae slowly comes near Yn while She steps back.

Tae: Yn..*sigh* don you have your self Respect? Youll leave me and will go to that **ing uncles family who thinks of you as a burden?? And these whole freaking years they didn even bothered to know if you
e even alive or not!!

Yn was sadly pouting while listening to his every words. Tae was feeling pity for her seeing her state.

Tae: Just tell me why did you suddenly take this decision? Everything is going well.. you
e happy.. Im happy..Just..why so sudden??

Yn looked up and their eyes locked with each other. Tae started walking closer and she steps back gulping hard..and her back hits the wall while Taehyung traps her between his arms, leaning closer to her face he said..

Tae: Yn~ahh…Hajima!(don do this) whats the problem living here? Tell me Ill definitely solve it.

Yn was looking down bcz of the distance between them was too close that if she looked up their faces will almost touch each other.

Tae slightly pulled her chin up which causes her to look at him now.

Tae: *in husky voice* You won go anywhere and thats my fina-

Yn shuts him by putting her index finger on his mouth. She signals out of the door so that Lia can come and translate what shes trying to say…

Tae: You can lie..but your eyes can . I can clearly see sadness…

Tae sighed and called Lia again. Yn signed her and Lia said..

Lia: She said.. She wants to be a independent woman and she had already many favours from you so she doesn wants to bother you more..she wants to take her responsibilities herself and wants to take care of herself.

Tae: So thats the case?..

Yn nodded.

Tae: Okay i won mind if you work and be a independent woman..even i would love and support you too..But you aren going anywhere and thats final!!

Yn was about to ask Lia but Tae stopped her.

Tae: No means no. I don like repeating again. Youll stay here and do whatever work you wanna do and I won say anything in that. Did you get that?

He said in a dominant voice. Without any options left Yn nodded accepting her defeat.

After that Taehyung left from his room.

Lia: Hes right Yn. When everyone refused you he was the one who gave his hand to you and now youll left him like this? See, he don mind if you work.. hes just concerned for you. He cares for you. I never thought a mafia could care for others..

Yn also Never thought that a stranger will treat her like his own family.

Lia: Yn~sshi Im going for a walk. Do you wanna join?

Yn shook her head. Lia then went out..Yn was about to go but she saw a bag fully loaded with guns.

Yn (Thinking): *sigh* If you
e concerned then Im concerned too Mr.Taehyung. Again another mission…I wanna stop you but Im no one to stop you…And you
e not gonna agree to me anyways…But i Don know why it bothers you if i leave from here…i mean its your house, Your money, your foods, your clothes but still you want me to live here… strange…but Im glad even though you
e rich you don buy people…you never made me uncomfortable no Matter how close you
e to me…Just a minute ago when you came towards me i shouldve get angry but instead my heart beat started beating faster and i feel weak whenever i see you coming towards me..I don know whats happening to me. But Im glad you didn stop me from working…For now Ill just work somewhere..and when ill earn many money then Ill built an orphanage from my own money with my own will.

She smiled thinking about her dream coming true someday. Then she also went back to her room and layed down on bed. Tae was walking to his room then thought to take a look at Yns room. He opened the door and took a sneak peek.

Tae: I thought youll leave me…After all this years i finally found someone who is close to me…*sigh* Good night.


(on the phone)

???: Any information?

Lia: *she told everything happened today*

???: its confirmed that shes not only a mute girl..but shes someone special to him! Aishh…what a great news… Lets end this game Mr.Mafia.. itll be fun when youll see your love dying Infront of you *smirks*

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