They were watching t.v. with a bowl of ice-cream and after sometime tae started feeling sleepy.

Tae: Yn-

Yn already fell asleep. Tae unknowingly smiles and admires her.

Tae: You already suffered very much from childhood and i don want you to suffer more…*sigh* i don even know you properly but i just wanna protect you from this cruel world..You are…you are just special..I never gave my attention to anyone..

Tae caressed her cheeks gently…And carried her to her room.

Tae: Aishh you
e really very heavy… good night…Yn.

With that he left from there and he also slept in his room.

*Next day*

Tae already went to his work. Even though hes a mafia he works at a company for showing the society. Even his Team mates also works there together so they can be together in any emergency. And he told his maids to care of Yn as an order.

And here Yn woke up and stretched her body. She did her morning routine but before she showers one of the maids came and gave her some clothes.

Maid: Mam, Sir told us to gave you these clothes when you wake up.

Yn nodded and she left from there. She was so happy to see the beautiful dresses. She chose a skirt (brown colour) which covers her legs till knees, an off shoulder top which was black in colour in full sleeves. After showering she wore that dress and came downstairs.

Maid 3: Mam, Your breakfast is ready. Here sit down well serve you.

Yn went towards the dining table and took a seat.

Yn spent the day well exploring the house and watching t.v.

*Time skip night*

Yn was getting bored..She was just waiting for Tae to come. She can even talk to her maids because no one understands her language..She sighed missing her orphanages friends. But she smiles thinking how taehyung doesn knows sign language but still understands her…And thats when the door opened revealing an injured taehyung. She quickly went near him and wraps his one arm around her shoulder to give him support to walk.

Tae: who Are You??

Yn looks at him confused but understood that hes drunk by his scent. The maids already went back to their home. So theres no one to help her in this situation. But somehow using her all strength she pushed him on the bed in his room and sighed because he was heavy af.

Tae: *sits up* tell me who Are You??

Yn palmed her face seeing his state but he was looking so cute like that. Yn went to get the first aid box and sits behind him while he keeps asking him who is she… getting irritated by that she palmed her mouth and did ”Shhhh ” Hearing that taehyung also did ”Shhh ” like a obedient kid. She treated his wounds again and he was just looking at her.

Tae: I Have a Girlfriend??? and i Didn knew…WoAh you Are so pretty!!

Yn looks at him and cups his cheeks and made him look at her properly so that he remembers who is she.

Tae: AhHhh you Are Ynnieeee!!

He hugged her out of nowhere. While she was also shocked. She tried to ungripped his arms but he was more strong. After some minutes she heard him snoring she giggled finding it cute. She layed him on bed and took off his shoes and covers him with blanket. She went to her room back after taking a final glance at him.

*Next day*

Yn went downstairs after doing her morning routine. She saw taehyung in the kitchen frustrated. She taps his shoulder and he looks at her.

Tae: Good morning Yn *smile*

She looks at the packet he was holding and again looks back at him.

Tae: Actually i took a day off today..i wasn feeling i came here to make soup but i don how to cook…

Yn looked around.

Tae: Oh.. if you
e finding the maids.. theyll not come today bcz of some reasons..

Yn smiles and took the packet from his hands.

Tae: don have to-

Yn stops him and did ”i know how to cook ”. Taehyung also didn said anything bcz he don have any other option bcz he don know how to cook that.

Tae just watched her every move.

Tae (thinking): I don know what is happening to me i just lost in watching her….And i remember everything that happened last night. Im so embarrassed so i pretended to forgot that…

After sometime Yn served him the soup.

Tae: Aren you gonna eat?

Yn served another bowl and tae smiles.

They start eating and tae was still staring at her. While Yn also noticed that and can help but to blush..

Tae: You look so cute while blushing..

Yn didn looked at him bcz it makes her heart flutter. Tae smiles finding her cute.

*Time skip after sometime*

Tae: YN!!!

Yn quickly went out her room and stands near him.

Tae: I want to ask you something..

Yn: *nods*

Tae: But as I can understand so…take this..

He handed her a iPad to write on that. They took a seat in the couch and tae asked.

Tae: We don know anything about each other…so lets get along well. So tell me about your life story if you don mind.

Yn: *tells her story and he reads it*

Tae: How can someone take you as a burden..*he was angry*

Yn also got teary but controlled herself. Tae went near her, wipes her tears and caressed her head..

Tae: From now on I am your family.

Yn looks at him and happily hugged him. She takes the iPad and asked ”now tell me about yourself ”

Tae: *chuckles* Im a mafia..

She nods and he asked.

Tae: Aren you scared??

Yn writes ”i already knew that you were different and Im not surprised. Even I love mafias ”

Tae: So you must love me too *smirks*

Yn looked down being shy.

Tae: *sigh* i also lost my parents so i know how it feels…My father was also a mafia and my mother was a simple girl like you. I was 16 years old. It was my birthday they were on their way to celebrate my birthday but…Out of nowhere dads rivals attacked them and they.. died on spot…

Yn held his hand and caressed it with her thumb.

Tae: From that day i never celebrated my

birthday. It was a worst nightmare for me… I also became Mafia and took revenge from them but there is still one person i couldn kill..and hes my most targeted mission.

Yn patted his shoulder while tearing up

Tae: Aish.. i didn meant to make you cry..

Umm… Lets hang out and lighten up your mood. Okay?

Yn nodded excitedly.

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