Man: 1…2..

before he counts any further she quickly opened the door, running to the man and holds the gun.

Man: Good girl. But now you have to be punished for escaping from me dear. Lets go to your new home.

Tae was boiling in anger right now. He wanted to kill that man right there but he waited for his team to come.

Yes Taehyung is a mafia so he called his team to give him information about this girl asap. Now he is waiting for them to come so he can kill this jerk for buying this innocent girl. Even though he is a mafia but he never hurted any innocent people. He only kills his enemies and his rivals or someone who cheats him.

Tae: I told you not to come!!!!

Yn flinched at his sudden yell. She looks at him and he was all red in anger. Yn bowed at him as a sorry gesture.

Man: Shut up!! As you helped me to find my baby girl Ill give you a chance to live. Be thankful.

Tae: *dark chuckles* Thankful?? huh! Just wait and watch.

Man: Come on man!! I know you are jeolous that i found a girl who is pretty and is my slave now.. why don you buy your own instead of eyeing on mine.

That Man pulled her by her waist. She was disgusted by his every words and touches but poor her she couldn even say anything back. Whilst Taehyung was keep looking at her feeling bad but soon smirked when the door opened revealing his team mates.

Jk: Hyung, we found out that the girl is innocent and already suffered very much.

Jimin: The real culprit is this Jerk!

Tae: I already give me my gun.

Yn and that Man both were shocked seeing what was happening. Taehyung quickly kicked that mans hand which causes the gun to fall on the floor. Jimin handed taehyung his gun.

Tae: Kick this jerks ass until he isn able to walk.

Jk and jimin: Okay.

Tae held Yns hand and takes her out of the room.

Tae: Stay here, Okay?

Yn: *nods*

He was about to go but she held his hand.

Tae: Don worry he is just a piece of cake for me *smirk*

With that he left her there and again went to the room. Both Jimin and Jk were beating the shit outta him. He was begging them to stop but they didn .

Man: Ouch!! pl-please s-stop….ahh…

Tae: Both of you can go now..and bring Yn to my house.

They both nodded and did as he said. At first Yn hesitated but she thinks they just saved her and besides that They told her that Taehyung told them to do that and she trusts him so she agreed to go with them.

Meanwhile That man was now dying..Tae bends down and smiled seeing him like that.

Tae: Tsk tsk… Thats what you get to mess up with me and innocent people like Yn.

Man: P-please i-i will d-do w-whatever you t-tell me t-to d-do..

Tae: So sad…but theres nothing you can gave me instead of one thing.

Man: *seeing a lil hope he asked* w-what is t-that??

Tae: Your death!

And then boom. Tae shoots him.

*At Taehyungs house*

Yn was impatiently waiting for him as she was afraid what if anything happens to him shell never forget herself for that. And that also He was already injured. Jk were jimin were also at his house as he ordered them to take care of her.

Maid: Mam please eat something..

Yn: *slightly pushed the plate as a no*

Maid 2: Mam please..or Sir will get angry at us if we don follow their order properly.

Yn looks at them. But she really doesn have any appetite to eat at this situation.

Jimin: Yn please..

Jk: (whispers to jimin) Hyung..i don know out of every girl Tae Hyung chose this girl..who can even talk.

Jimin: (whispers back) shut up! you shouldn make fun of her like this.

Tae: Are you done talking?

They both flinched Seeing him suddenly.

Jk (thinking): Did he heard what i said? Shit..

Yn looks at him and quickly went near him scanning him from head to toe.

Tae: Im not hurt anywhere. Don worry.

Yn was trying to tell him something by sign language but he can understand anything.

Tae: I don understand sign language… Sorry..

Yn: *smiles and shook her head as Its okay*

Tae gestured the maids ”did she ate? ” and they looks down as a ”No ”. He sighed.

Tae: You two can go now.

The maids bowed and went back to their works.

Tae: And you two..where are the other members?

Jimin: Hobi Hyung told me they sorted out everything and they Will come tomorrow to discuss something important.

Tae: Okay…you two can leave now.

They also nodded and left from there leaving both Tae and Yn alone.

Tae: And you…why didn you ate yet?

Yn (sign language): I don have any appetite.

Taehyung somehow understood by the gestures and nods at her.

Yn: Did you ate?

Tae: No….wow i understood your gestures..

Yn: *smiles widely*

Tae: You should keep smiling like this. Looks beautiful.

Yn: *blushed*

Tae: Well..i have many things to ask you..but.. anyway..for now come with me.

Tae went upstairs and Yn follows him. He stops Infront of a room.

Tae: This is your room.

Yn: *went inside*

Tae: Okay then good night. If you need anything just give a knock on my door. My room is beside yours.

Yn: *nods*

She again stopped him.

Tae: what now?

Yn said ”thank you ” in simple gestures so that he can understand.

Tae: Thank you?? nahh welcome.

He caressed her head and left from her room while leaving her blushing.

Yn felt stinky so she thought to take a shower. But she didn had any clothes so she just wore that bathrobe as it was long enough.

*At 1am*

Yn said she didn had any appetite but she was now hungry af. But she didn wanted to disturb Tae. So she silently went downstairs and took silent steps to kitchen. But it was very dark there. She couldn see anything and was taking steps carefully so she doesn hurts herself.

But suddenly the lights get on and she was pinned to the kitchen counter. She closed her eyes being afraid.

Tae: Yn??

She slowly opened her eyes and saw taehyung just some inches away from her and he also held a knife onto her neck. Seeing her he dropped the knife.

Tae: What are you doing here at this hour?? i thought you were a thief..

Yn looks down and points at her stomach.

Tae: Oh so you
e hungry now? i told you to ate.

Yn: *pouts*

Tae: Aishh.. its okay. Because same pinch.

She looks at him and smiled brightly at him.

Tae: Don smile at me like that.

Yn: *frowns eyebrows*

Tae: Ill die bcz i can handle this much cuteness.

Yn kept her index finger on his mouth. She shooks her head with a serious face.

Tae holds her hand and said.

Tae: Chill i was just joking..i won die easily. But by your killer smile i Don think so..

Yn hits him lightly. But her expression changed when she remembers she was just wearing a bathrobe.

Tae: *smirks* i already noticed that earlier.

Yn did simple gesture to say ”put me down ”

Tae: what if I don ? *helds her closer*

They were staring at each other. But that romantic moment didn last long when Yns stomach growls. Tae smiled and puts her down with one arm.

Tae: Wanna eat ice-cream?

Yn: *nods*

Tae: Lets enjoy it while watching t.v.

Yn: *happily did thumbs up*

Tae: lets go~

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