Primordial Sin System

Chapter 6 - Level up

Chapter 5 – The bet

He was stunned to know that many are lusting for him when he revealed his identity.

Many families try to propose marriage to his father for him before but he always rejects it because he wants freedom.

His father respects his decision so he supports him.

He didn want to be tied down and he wanted to enjoy his life first as a teenager.


Dave now has 190 Sin points but he didn buy items or weapons immediately because the items in the system are low level and he just needs to level up to access stronger items.

After the introduction, many girls tried to start a conversation with me but they couldn look for a chance as there was a tigress near him.

Her face is gloomy as if she wants to kill someone.

Ever since she was born, everyone treats her with respect and no one dares to bully her.

But now there is a guy who irritates her and she wants to teach him a lesson but he is stronger than her.

[Ding! Youve gained Sin Points]

Wrath + 50

SP: 240


He was stunned and looked at the tigress near him and smirked. ”You want to teach me a lesson but I am stronger than you and you can use your identity to oppress me so just give up, maybe we are destined to be with each other ”

Rose was stunned by his craziness as she replied angrily, ”Who wants to be with you? You are famous for being a womanizer hmpp ”

Dave was used to it as he never denies it. ”Yeah Im a womanizer so why dont you become my woman? I don have any girlfriends right now, what do you think? ”.

He teased him because she supplied him with endless Sin Points.

[Ding! Youve gained Sin Points]

Wrath + 100 (Rose)

SP: 340

He now can see the names of those who give him many Sin Points at once.

He was now sure that she was really angered now to the point where her face was already red in shame and anger.

”You damn pervert, I was not finished with you ”, Rose said then tried to calm herself. She, as the tyrannical princess, finds it hard to endure her anger as she just wants to beat him badly.


[Ding! Youve gained Sin Points]

Wrath + 100 (Rose)

SP: 440


”Wow, It is good to tease her and she can become my Sin Points Generator. ”


*Rose POV*

”What the hell is this feeling ”. She was confused about whats happening in her body.

Even though they just met and he always teases and bullies her, there is a strong force who makes her want to be close with him.

Ever since she was a child, she was doted on and treated with care but now she looks like a kitten instead of a tigress.

”Whats wrong with me? ” She said in her mind that she feels weird in her heart.

”I will agree if you said that he is very handsome and hot but he is irritating, I wish I can kick him to remove my anger ”

She was really angry and she suddenly wanted to look for the outlet to release it.

Suddenly she saw a boy with glasses who was looking at her with fear.

She said, ”What are you looking at? You want to be beaten? ”

”No, no I was just curious why his face is near you ”. He pointed at Dave.

Rose immediately looked at her side and saw that Dave was staring at her face. Their faces are only 1cm apart and their lips almost touch each other.

Rose suddenly blushed and immediately looked away and said. ”Why are you staring at me? ”

Dave was amused at her blushing face and said. ”I suddenly realized that you are very cute when you are blushing, are you sure that you don want to become my girlfriend? ”

Rose immediately feels shy and she wants to find a hole to hide her face.

”Hmmp, Maybe if you become King Level this month I will agree to you ”. She said as she was confident that he will not be promoted to King level that easily.

She didn know why she said that but she wants to see him lose his face.

Dave smiled and then held her hands and said. ”Really? Can you promise that? ” What if you
e just fooling me? ”

Rose wants to free her hands but she didn know why her body did not move as she just let him hold it.

”Hummp, we can sign a contract ”. She sneered and then prepared a contract. This contract is connected to the soul so if someone breaches it, they will suffer the consequences like dying or suffering severe injuries.

Dave was stunned as to how she willingly signed a contract with him. He reads the contract then he signs it.

Even though it said in the contract that if he doesn reaches the King level in a month, he will become her slave for a year but he is confident to reach that level.

Rose also signed on it so their contract is now valid.

Rose sneered in her heart as she imagining him becoming his slave for a year and planning to make him do many things.

Dave knows what she is thinking he said. ”Well get ready to be my girlfriend my beloved Rose ”

He then winks at her then continues to close his eyes again.

Luna who was teaching in the front saw their interaction and with her strength, she can hear what they are talking about.

Even she didn believe that he could reach King level in a month.

She resumed her classes and didn mind Rose and Dave.

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