Primordial Sin System

Chapter 5 - The bet

Chapter 4-Teacher Lina

He was surprised to know that her strength is not bad and she has an Oragon surname so he was sure that she is a princess.

Dave didn care about her status as he looked at her and said. ”What? Never see a handsome guy before ”

Rose, who was staring at Dave blushed and suddenly pushed him angrily.

”You damn pervert Im gonna beat you up ” She roared. She didn know why she suddenly didn react fast because she was mesmerized by Daves handsome face.

Rose punches towards him but Dave just dodges.


A loud sound of explosion can be heard in the room. The other student was scared while Dave only looked at it with a plain expression.

Rose, who saw his reaction suddenly wants to use her sword. Just as she was to pull her sword she suddenly heard a cough behind her.

She looked at the person who was coughing and surprised to see that it was their teacher.

She immediately calms herself and said in a low voice, ”Im sorry teacher for mess ”

Even though she was a princess , she didn forget her manners because the other party was a strong teacher.

Their teacher is a woman named Lina Silvia.

She was known as the ”Ice beauty ” on campus because of her beautiful face and cold personality.

Her looks can be par on Rose and her height reaches 1.8 meters. She suddenly said,

”It is forbidden in fighting inside the room so do your grudges outside the room ”

She said as she looked towards Dave with interest. The truth is, she is already in the room and observing her students. She was curious towards the red haired student who she couldn see through.

He always wore a bored face as if he didnt care about his surroundings.

She failed to investigate his strength because Dave only dodges and deflects Rose attacks but she was sure that he was a genius.

She calms herself and walks to the front as she says, ”Im your home room teacher Lina Silvia ”

She looks at the student and said. ”Its your all turn to introduce yourselves ”

Dave who was ignoring the gaze of the angry woman beside her. The only seat remaining vacant is beside him so she did not have a choice.

He was silently observing Lina and checking his stats.


Name: Lina Silvia

Age: 22

Race: Human


Power Level: Low Tier Emperor.

Techniques: Ice Demon Fox Sword Technique

HP: 1500/1500

MP: 3500/3500

Str: 90

Agi: 120

Int: 125



Dave was stunned to realize that the woman in front of her is an emperor level teacher.

She was young and already at the emperor level. She must have a good background and be a genius.

One by one, they introduce themselves until its time for Roses turn.

Rose stands up but you can see her angry face when looking at Dave beside her.

She then looked at the students and said. ”I don need to introduce myself as I know you already know me but I will just do it. My name is Rose Oragon, the 3rd princess of Dragon Empire and a low tier Grand Master level. You can just call me Rose when we are at school ”

Every one was looking at her with admiration while some with fear.

She was filled with pride then looked at Dave smugly.

Dave was amused by her smug face but he just smiled and ignored it.

”Next its your turn ”. Rose said.

Dave stands up then looks at them and says.

”My name is Dave Alexander, 15 years old and my level is strong so dont even look at it because it will crush your confidence and ego.

After he said that, he sat again then closed his eyes.

Everyone was astonished when he said his name because there is only one ”Dave Alexander ” in the empire as he was the most promising genius of his peers and he was the only son of the guardian.

Now everyone knows why he isn scared of the princess as his status is even higher than her.

Lina was also surprised by his introduction and she finally knows why he always retains his calmness.

Rose on the other hand was scared because if his father knows that she attacks the son of the guardian, she will surely be punished by him.

Rose wants to apologise to him but her pride overwhelms her and she looks again to Dave who was beside her who was just closing his eyes as if he didnt care about them all.

[Ding! Youve gained Sin Points]

Pride + 5

Lust + 30

Wrath + 5

SP: 190

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