Primordial Sin System

Chapter 3- The princess

Chapter 2- The Primordial Sin System

Dave immediately collects his thoughts as he looks at his father and says. ”Oh yeah! I will got up okay ”

His father was used in how he answered him and just said ”I already transfer a million gold coins in your bank account for your weekly expenses so you must use it as you want ”

Lucas then opens the door to go out and says before leaving, ”If you need anything just call me ”.

Dave was filled with warmth on how his father treats him. In his previous life, he was always ignored by his parents as they have favoritism over his own brother and sister.

Daves family was really a tycoon because his weekly allowance is a million gold coins. And he can feed 1000 families for 3 years in that million gold coins.

Dave stretches his hands then stands up. He looked at the mirror and he saw a white handsome face that will put shame and feel inferior to anyone who looks at him. His hair color is red and its length reaches his shoulders.

His height is about 2 meters and his body has 6 pack abs. His eyes are colored blue. Everyone can be attracted when you stare at it.

Dave was surprised when he looked at his face that was more handsome than his previous life.

Dave immediately takes a bath then wears his clothes after.

He got out of his room and went to his fathers room to say goodbye.

As he was in the carriage, that was prepared by his father.

He suddenly ponders if he has a system like the other protagonist he reads in some novels.

Just as he thought of it, he hears a metallic voice in his mind.

[Welcome host to the Primordial Sin System]

”Primordial Sin System? ”. He was excited as he read in some novels that the system will make him grow fast and take him to the peak of life like the protagonist.

As he reads the name of the system name, he suddenly feels like it was for the villain not the protagonist.

[Do you want to start the system]. The system asks him.

”Yes ”, he said even though he felt something was wrong.

[The system is starting, please wait…]

[Ding! The system was complete, you can now access the system features and checks your status]

[Ding! The shop was opened]

[You can check your status in your mind]

He follow what the system instructs.

”Status ”


Name: Dave Alexander

Age: 15

Race: Human


Power Level: High Tier Grand Master

Techniques: Sword Dragon Technique


Lv: 1

HP: 800/800

MP: 2000/2000

Str: 50 (Physical damage)

Agi: 70 (Speed)

Int: 100 (Mind and Mana)




Healing potion (Low) – 50 sin points

(Heals 200 hp of the user)

Mana potion (Low)- 30 sin points

(Recovers 200 mana of the user)

Body Strengthening Potion-100 sin points (It can make the body of the user stronger)

Note: Other items are locked because you have insufficient level.



Black sword- 100 sin points (It has 100 damage per attack)

Black robe – 150 sin points (It conceals the users aura and add 200 Hp)

Boots – 50 sin points (It adds 30 Agi to the user)

Note: Other items are locked because you have insufficient level.


Primordial Sins: (Locked)

Sin of Lust – ????

Sin of Wrath – ????

Sin of Gluttony -????

Sin of Sloth-????

Sin of Pride-????

Sin of Envy-????

Sin of Greed-????


Note: You can collect Sin points if others feel any one of these sins towards you.

Current Sin Points : 0


The Sword Dragon Technique was given by his father and it is an Emperor Level Technique.

”So my stats are converted into numbers for me to easily identify my stats to others. ”

”What is the stats of an ordinary Body Refining? ”. He asked.

[Ding! Processing…]


Body Refiner Stats


Mp: 20

Str: 3

Agi: 5

Int: 4


”Wow so the gap is wide ”. He was surprised that their stats are very weak so that he can kill them with just a sneeze.

”Can you convert my fathers stats? ”. He was curious about his fathers strength.

[Your system level is insufficient]. The system replied.

”My stats are high, if you convert in to the system level it was on par with a level 15 but I have them at the level 1 ”

”Looks like I can be like some protagonist who are crossing level in fighting anyone above his level ”

[Ding! Do you want to collect the beginners pack? ”

He was surprised but he said yes.

[Ding! You unlocked a new Skill Magical Eyes]- it can see through other stats and illusions.

[Ding! You unlocked the new skill Conceal]-It can make you Invisible and cost 5 mana per minute.

[Ding!The system also provides you your own storage space]

[Ding the Primordial Sin System Roulette has opened]

[Click yes to get your first Primordial Sin]

He didn hesitate to say ”yes ”.

[Ding! Youve unlocked your first Primordial Sin – Sin of Lust]

[Youve Gained a new skill -Charm] (It can attract an charm anyone with weak will powers towards the host (-5 mana per minute)

[Youve Gained a new skill – Hands of Pleasure] (If you activate this skill, they will suddenly feel lustful) (-10 mana per minute)

[Youve Gained a new skill – Dual Cultivation (You can absorbs the power of the woman you have dual cultivated with and it also makes the woman stronger)


”Oh, Sin of lust? Really? I really feel that I am really the antagonist here ”. He was amused at is new gained skills.

His status is now.


Name: Dave Alexander

Age: 15

Race: Human


Power Level: High Tier Grand Master

Techniques: Sword Dragon Technique

Magic Skills:

Lv.1 : Magical eyes (0/1), Conceal (0/1)

Primordial Sin Skills:

(Lv.1) (0/5) – if you upgrade this, any skill that is on its bracket, will also increase level.


Hands of Pleasure

Dual Cultivation


Skill Points: 0

Note: You can convert your sin points into skill points. Ratio: 100:1


Lv: 1

HP: 800/800

MP: 2000/2000

Exp: 0/500

-You need 500 sin points to level up.

Str: 50 (Physical damage)

Agi: 70 (Speed)

Int: 100 (Mind and Mana


He was now getting to understand how the system works.

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