Soul Beast Online

The Real Identity

(Portal has been detected. Attention citizen: Portal activity has been detected in the forbidden area. Please make proper precautions.)

Yami tilted his head while listening to the announcement from the speaker after the alarm was turned off. He looked at his screen when a black orb appeared above and started expanding.





[LVL: 1]

[HP: 100/100]

I can handle this low-level soul beast, Yami thought. He looked at how the Nivi came out of the portal, roared loudly, and marched in their direction.

”Its a Raider! Run! ” Shun yelled towards Fang Bos group.

The group flinched because of Shuns voice before running away in fear while Shun and Yami stayed on their spot. Soul beast Nivi ignored both of them and followed the group instead.

There is no quest to kill the soul beast, Yami thought while checking his screen. He glanced at Shun, sweating terribly while looking at the soul beast walking away from them.

”Luck is on our side, Shun. Lets go, ” Yami stated and was about to leave, but Shun ignored him. Shuns attention was focused on the soul beast and Feng Bos group.

Yami followed Shuns gaze and saw Feng Bo tripped over the rock, and the Nivi took him by its mouth.

”AH! HELP ME! ” Feng Bo screamed and struggled to escape, but the soul beast held him tight.

He deserves it, ” Yami thought with a shrug. ”Come, Shun, lets go. ”

”No, I have to help them! ” Shun yelled before sprinting towards the soul beast, but Yami pulled him back.

”Why are you going to help them? They deserve it, ” Yami said with a straight face. He can understand Shuns logic in helping those who treated him bad.

Shun gritted his teeth and removed Yamis hand on his shoulders. ”Because its the right thing to do. ”

Shun took an item from his pocket and inserted it on his wrist as a bracelet.

”Soul On! ”

Shun yelled while running. His clothes changed into a white uniform and on his right hand appeared a massive hammer. Shun dashed towards the soul beast and knocked the head, which made the soul beast drop Feng Bo.

Yamis mouth hung open in surprise. ”Shun is the same as the guy Ive met earlier, but he is rather weak. ”

Yami observed Shuns movement and noticed that his weapon could not be pierced through the soul beasts skin. He watched as Shun was being thrown away by the soul beast and hit one of the broken houses.

”Well, its not my problem anyway, ” Yami stated. He turned around and left, but a screen appeared in his vision.






Yami sighed and looked at the soul beast approaching Shun. Its mouth opened, and it was preparing to blast Shun to pieces.

”You are a fool, Shun. ”

Yami shook his head and looked at the ring glistening under the sun. ”This is a good way to test my abilities. ”


Yami sprinted towards the soul beast and kicked its body. The force led Yami to glide in the air, and using his fists, Yami blasted multiple punches on the soul beasts back. Yami finished his attack by kicking the soul beasts head and smashing it on the ground.


Yami jumped away from the soul beast and patted the dirt from his hand.

This quest is easy, Yami thought and looked at Shun with a smile. ”Are you alright? ”

Shun was stunned at what he had seen. He patted his cheeks before adjusting his glasses. ”Im all good. ”

”You shouldn go into battle right away, knowing that you are weak, ” Yami stated while walking toward Shun.

”I need to save those helpless people, ” Shun said confidently. He showed a silver bracelet with three red dots in front of Yami. ”This is the reason why I joined the combatants. To protect our world against the Raiders. ”

”Raiders? ” Yami asked and tilted his head in confusion.

”The Raiders are those who entered this world through a portal. ”

Shun pointed at the dead soul beast aggressively. ”That thing is a Raider. ”

Yami nodded his head. ”I understand now. ”

Shun looked at Yami from top to bottom and noticed a ring on his finger. ”Are you also one of the combatants? A normal teenager can have that ability to kill a Raider only with physical strength. ”

Yamis lips curved into a smile, and he looked directly into Shuns eyes. ”No, Im not a combatant. ”

”Huh, then how were you able to defeat that Raider? ” Shun asked. He stepped back when he felt something strange about Yamis aura.

Yami wanted to express that he came through a virtual reality device, but he would be labeled as a Raider. He didn wish for an additional obstacle to prevent him from finding his sister.

Yami had no problems acting to his given character since he had been doing that job as a spy for years.

Yami smiled innocently while scratching his head.

”I was trained to fight when I was a child, and I came here to this city in hopes of finding my sister. ”

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