The bell rang as a sign that the classes were over.

The students packed their things and went out of the room with their friends. Yami was about to leave as well when Shun called his name.

Shun looked firm and was anxious to talk to Yami, ”Do you want to walk together? ”

”Sure, ” Yami nodded and waited for him before going out.

Yami didn know where was Shun headed, but Yami followed him as they walked along the road in silence.

”You should have ignored those guys. They are a pain in the neck, ” Shun stated and sighed. He remembered those days when the bullies tormented one of the honorable students and forced him to do their assignments.

”Why? ” Yami asked with a frown.

”Because fighting back only makes it worse. Those bullies will find a way to pay you back, ” Shun said. He glanced at the side to check if they were being followed. Shun knows that it won take long before those bullies show up.

”Then, what should I do? ” Yami asked. He was amused at how Shun advised him to deal with the bullies when he could just snap their necks.

”You can tell to stop or just ignore them, ” Shun answered and stopped walking as he looked at Yamis expression.

”Hmm, those people won stop bullying until they taste their own medicine. Ignoring will encourage those bullies to continue their torment towards their victims. ”

Yami put both of his hands in his pockets and looked at the group of men walking toward them. ”And speaking of the devils. ”

Shun stepped in front and shielded Yami when the group approached them. There were about six boys with mocking looks on their faces.

Feng Bo stepped in front and looked down at Yami. ”Yo Chibi, come play with us. ”

”Well drag you if you resist us, ” Bai Gen commented at the back while his group poked fun at them.

”Sure, why not, ” Yami said with a deadpan expression and walked towards them. He was confident that he could take care of himself no matter what happened.

Shun glared at the group walking away from him. He clenched his fist and decided to follow them as he could not let them get away.

Feng Bo glanced back at him with a smirk. ”Go home and clean your glasses, nerd. ”

Shun gritted his teeth and pulled Feng Bo by his shoulders. ”Let him go. I won let you gang up on him! ”

Yami looked at their interaction, and he shook his head in disapproval of Shuns actions.

”If you want to come, you could have said so, ” Feng Bo smirked and pulled Shun with him.

The group entered the barrier in the forbidden area, where Yami first appeared. A huge sign that said DO NOT ENTER was placed everywhere, but the group ignored those.

Yami and Shun were brought to the back of a broken house; the men surrounded them and formed a circle to trap them inside.

Shun pushed Yami behind and took the blow from Feng Bo, followed by a kick. Shun fell down on the ground but hurriedly lifted himself.

”Fight me one-on-one, cowards! ”

Shun wiped the dirt on his face and prepared himself for defense. The group laughed at his act of bravery and went to hit him again.

Yami stayed at the back while looking at Shun getting beat up unfairly. When Shun fell to the ground again, Yami went beside him and crunched down.

”Why come with us when you
e weak, Shun? ” Yami asked in curiosity. He wanted to know where Shun got the strength to defend him despite knowing he was weak. Yami used to work alone as a spy, but he knew when to retreat and attack.

”Don rub it in my face, ” Shun whispered and looked at the group and pointed at the sign placed over the walls.

”Don you guys realize that we are in the forbidden zone? Only the combatants are allowed here! ” Shun yelled and gave emphases to his sentences. He stood up and pointed at the broken houses. ”The Raiders can attack us anytime! ”

Yami looked at Shun with interest upon hearing what he had said. He decided to step aside and watched them to see if he could get additional information about the world he got into.

”Do you think we are blind? We can see the sign clearly; besides, nobody is here! ” Bai Gen yelled and kicked Shun in the stomach.

The group laughed and started kicking Shun all over his upper body. Feng Bo stepped to the side and gazed at Yami.

”Your new friend is getting beat up by my gang. Are you going to help him? ” Feng Bo said in a mocking tone. He wanted Yami to join so he could beat him up as payment for his embarrassment earlier in school.

Yami tilted his head and looked at Feng Bo with an expressionless face. ”Why would I help him? He did this to himself. ”

”Ha! This Chibi is crueler than I thought. Abandoning the poor nerd alone, ” Feng Bo laughed in amusement. He grabbed the wooden branch at the side and aimed toward Yami. ”Get over here. ”

Yami followed and walked toward Feng Bo without fear in his eyes.

”Don think Ive forgotten you. This fight isn about that nerd. Its with you! ”

Feng Bo raised the wooden branch and swung it towards Yamis head with all the strength he could muster.


Yami quickly blocked the wooden branch and kicked Feng Bos right knee, which caused him to fall down while crying in pain. Everyone was shocked as they did not expect Yami to be stronger than he looked.

Yami threw the wooden branch at the side and glared at Feng Bo. ”I believe its my turn now. Are you still in the mood to fight? ”

Feng Bo shivered in fear and looked at his group, who were hesitant to go after Yami.

”What are you all waiting for? Lets kill that brat! ”

Feng Bo and his group were about to strike Yami when the horns started alarming nearby, and they were all frozen to the spot.

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