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The Group of Bullies

Yami was about to remove the bandage when Ms. Kong Jie arrived.

”Yin Ying, let us go to your classroom, ” Ms. Kong Jie gestured for Yami to follow her.

Yami was led to the assigned classroom, and Ms. Kong Jie informed the homeroom teacher of his arrival. He was sent inside and made him stand in front of the students for a self-introduction.

”Hello, my name is Fa– Yin Ying. ”

Yami cleared his throat and scanned the students. He felt deja vu to be present again in class, just like when he was in his teens.

”Since Yin Ying is new to Haewon City, please be nice to him. Cai Shun, help him get adjusted. ” Kong Jie stated and motioned Shun to show himself.

”Yes, Miss Kong. ”

Shun stood up and made himself known to Yami. Their gazed met, and Shun gestured for Yami to sit at the empty table next to him.

Yami walked toward Shun and extended his hand with a smile. ”Nice to meet you. ”

”You too. ”

Shun and Yami shook hands.

Yami went to his seat and was flocked with girls who wanted to get to know him. They were gushing about Yamis hair color, which was rare in their world.

”Why is your hair silver? ” One of the girls asked while staring into Yamis silver-colored hair.

”When I woke up, my hair was already that color, ” Yami stated the truth. The girls were in awe and asked permission to touch his hair, and he agreed.

”Thats enough, students. The class will start after 15 minutes, ” Ms. Kong Jie clapped her hands to get their attention, and everyone got back to their seats.

Yami sighed and fixed his crumpled hair when he felt someone staring at him and saw that it was Shun.

Yami was about to speak when a crumpled paper hit his back; he turned around and saw two men sitting behind him with a smirked on their faces. Yami ignored them, but they continued throwing him non-stop.

They are just kids; let them be, Yami thought and tried to suppress his emotions, but it was harder for him since he lacked patience, one of his flaws.

”Hey! ” Shun chided to stop the two students from pestering Yami, but they didn listen.

Another crumpled paper hit Yamis head, and he finally snapped.

Yami stood up and picked up the crumpled paper. He turned around and looked at the two bullies with an impassive expression.

”What is this for? ” Yami asked, referring to their actions.

”Its our way of greeting here in Haewon City, ” Feng Bo, one of the boys, spoke in amusement.

”Hey! Cut it off! ” Shun stood up and scolded them, but the bullies threw more crumpled papers on his face.

”Shut up, nerd! ” Bai Gen, Bos minion, barked at Shun for disturbing their fun.

Yami stared at Shun with a cold gaze. He took Shun as a fool to interfered with a conflict that he was not involved in.

”Don listen to him, Chibi. It is really our way of greeting, ” Feng Bo sneered and laughed along with Bai Gen.

”Hmm, I understand. ”

Yami pressed the crumpled paper until it turned small and hard. He placed the paper on his finger and flicked it towards Feng Bos forehead.

”Ack! ”

Feng Bo fell back in his chair due to the force. His friend stood up in defense as they all looked at Yami in shock.

”What was that for!? ” Bai Gen spoke with panic evident in his voice.

”Returning your greeting, ” Yami spoke with an innocent smile before sitting back down on his chair as if nothing had happened.

The other students laughed at Feng Bo, and that made him embarrassed. He lifted himself, went to Yamis table, and grabbed his uniform.

”Don f*ck around me, Chibi! ” Feng Bo gritted his teeth in anger and asserted dominance, but Yami couldn care less.

”Did I? ”

A smirk formed on Yamis lips, and he looked straight into Feng Bos eyes to show that he wasn afraid of him.

Shun stood up from his chair and separated them. ”Stop it, you two! ”

”Settle down, everyone. The class is about to start. I will be your teacher for today. ” Ms. Kong Jie appeared at the door with books in her hand.

Feng Bo let go of Yamis uniform and returned to his seat. ”Tsk! ”

Yami settled down on his chair and fixed his uniform. He felt Shun staring at him but decided to ignore him.

As the class began, Yamis mind drifted to what had happened. He looked at his hand and removed the bandage; there was no sign of a wound on his knuckles.

This soul ring gave back my old strength and an artificial body.

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