On a cold dark night a scream of terror is heard, a scream filled with so much fear and despair it makes your stomach curl. This scream is actually coming from a town on the outskirts of the kingdom of Dawn. Fire is seen raging in the town as the copper smell of blood fills the air, people running helter-skelter as corpses fill the streets, sounds of fighting are heard as Knights and Templars along with the town guards engage skeletal monsters and monstrosities from the abyss that are only thought to exist in nightmares.

As people run as chaos reigns, friends and family once thought dead rise and attack the living without any remorse for their once precious ones, a knight stood leaning against a building panting heavily, his former shinning silver amour was now dented in many places and dyed in black and green blood, his sword chipped lay beside him as blood pools at his feet. There were numerous scars on his face with some of his hair singed, blood dripped down his nose and as he raised a hand to wipe it he sighed in despair, watching as the unholy creatures run rampant on the streets chasing down survivors, with the bodies of his fellow men in arms littering the streets. But as he stared his despair slowly changed to horror as he saw an inky black shadow seemingly rushed over to the corpses of his comrades, slowly covering their bodies then this black shadow flowed into them through their mouth, nostrils and ears then there was silence, making him doubt what he had actually seen. The knight seeing this was about to go over to check what had actually happened when the bodies twitched, then shook and lay still again as if nothing happened, he slowly picked up his sword as he inched toward one of the bodies, then as he touched it with his sword the bodies eyes flicked open, he was so shocked that he fell on his butt as he dropped his sword rapidly crawling in reverse out of fear or at least tried to with his injury as slowly the corpses slowly stood then stared at him with these disconcerting milky white eyes then picking up their weapons they rushed at him, his life flashed before his eyes and as he gave in to his death he seemed to hear a whisper of a word ”stop ” then as if frozen in place all the corpses stopped in place along with the other creatures, then the voice came again ”round them up ”and then the creatures grabbed him and dragged him towards the towns center. As he looked around he saw other people screaming as they too were dragged towards the town center.


I thought [what the hell is going on, why are they dragging us to the town hall and what was that voice I heard], then suddenly we came to a stop before the town hall. I saw all the creatures looking up on the roof of the building as if waiting for instructions and as I too looked up and I saw a figure who wore a black cloak with a hood over his head that seemed to shroud him in shadows, I saw wraiths floating above him in the hundreds as bone knights stood in front of him, behind him were five individuals, a woman in a similar cloak that looked to be in his thirties, a skeleton In dark amour with a large sword strapped to his back, a man with the same creepy milky eyes as the risen corpses with daggers strapped to the sides of his leather amour, a young handsome boy of about 15 wearing a silver amour with a huge shield held on his left arm with a sword sheathe on his belt and the last one was a beautiful young girl with striking features with a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back. Then I turned to examine the figure they stood behind again, I stared at his face trying to see it but all I saw were his eerie glowing green irises and his mouth which seem to be raised up in a smirk which sent chills down my back. Then I saw a templar in golden amour shout out ”You won get away with this, whoever you are ”, the Knight said. ”Oh and who is going to stop me oh hero Duncan pray tell ”, ??? said. ”How can you know my name unless… ”, then the Knight seemed to use observe skill and paled then, he said in a voice filled in fear that made me wonder what he could have seen then he said, ” You
e Jason right, the summoned hero who fell to darkness, the traitor to mankind and the stain upon our glorious race the champion of the Dark One. ”You guessed right and as your reward you get to tell the rest what you saw here and what is to come ”, Jason said to the Knight. ”More will come, the rest won let you get away with this, you and your abominations shall be rid of this world ”. But Jason seemed to smile and said ”Let them come, we shall slaughter them, they shall fall as enemies and rise as members of the Twilight Kingdom!!! ”

And then as if on cue, all the creatures roared up into the sky as he finished his statement. The wraiths in the sky shrieked and howled in glee at his statement. ”As will they all ”, he said as his eerie green eyes glowed even brighter, at that moment the thought that run through my head was [we are so **ed] then there was darkness.

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